About me

I can not say exactly when I became interested in photography. But I remember exactly when I got my first camera phone in a very short period of time on it, a large number of photos. Friends became increasingly joke on me that I take everything. Later he came upon the most common compact camera, which really was not even settings. I carried it with me everywhere, which also became the subject of jokes. I noticed that my circle of communication, too, begins to take an interest in photography, and eventually there were some friends who were with me the same way. It was a wonderful time. We each had a maximum of twenty years and photographed at all that there has been, and the lens of the shutter button. We could only dream of expensive cameras and high-quality optics, a complex manual settings, which would give complete control over the photographic process. But that did not stop us. We were up all night walking around the city or outside of aisles and photograph everything. Only now I realized what a great role played by these walks. Not having good technique, we tried to even be interesting to build a frame, you will see something magical in simple things. We have not learned to take pictures, we have learned to feel. Even after studying at the Academy of Art photography and graphic design, I did not get as much knowledge as of the photo walks. After all, there have been taught how to do their job, but were not taught how to feel.

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